The 1st 4 hour show is coming…..

We’re getting ourselves ready for the 1st ever 4 hour show…. Well we say 4 hour show but actually it’s 2 shows back to back.

So what can you expect every Sunday?

The “Proud to be me” show
This show will welcome a great ‘mix’ of music, featuring peoples requests, featuring local artists of varying diverse backgrounds, community engagement with charities and businesses etc, A phone in, plus “Your stories” where the people of Surrey can submit their own recorded interviews and stories for play out on air. Get in touch here

The “Proud” Show
This remains the latest dance / hit music, LGBTQ+ Worldwide News updates, A new feature “What’s been asked this week?” Related to support and advice obtained through the support services supporting Surrey people.

And finally amongst all that action we’ll be sharing a new feature “Amber Lynne Says….” from Miss Drag UK finalist and all round talented Queen – Amber Lynne.

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